Images of Walking Liberty Half Dollars

As one of the most beautiful United States coinage design, many collectors focus on higher end grades which highlight the artistry of Adolph A. Weinman's classic design. Mint state or uncirculated coins are often sent to grading firms such as PCGS or NGC which provide an opinion on the grade level and place the coins in protective holders.

The images below present some Walking Liberty Half Dollars that have been encapsulated and graded by these firms.

PCGS Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Shown above is a 1941-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar which has been graded MS66 by PCGS. The coin has also received a green sticker of approval from CAC. As one of the later dates of the series, this issue is available at relatively affordable prices even in mint state grades. The CAC verification does add some secondary market appeal.

NGC Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Another issue from later in the series is shown in an older style NGC holder. This coin has been assigned a grade of MS65 and has resided in the holder for at least two decades attesting to its originality.

Gold CAC Proof Walking Liberty Half Dollar

The last coin is a an example of a Proof Walking Liberty Half Dollar that has been graded NGC PF 65 and received a gold sticker from CAC. The gold sticker indicates that the coin has exceeded the standards for the given numeric grade. This coin should command a premium if offered for sale.